martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

tutorial pelele baby

Plain shirts are
so boring.
Argyle shirts are
so cool.

Add a little funk to your kiddos wardrobe
with a little argyle action.

Instant cuteness.
-A plain t shirt or onesie
-scrap fabric (I used a piece of an old t shirt)
-Embroidery floss
-Sewing needle and sewing machine
Step 1:
Cut a diamond shape out of a piece of scrap card stock to use as your pattern.
Mine was around 3 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide.
Step 2:
Trace 4 diamonds onto your piece of scrap fabric
and cut out.
*I used an old t shirt scrap to make my diamonds so they wouldn't fray when washed.
Step 3:
Pin the diamonds, side by side, along the front of your shirt.
Step 4:
Sew in place.
*If I did this over again I would use Steam a Seam to attach the diamonds to the shirt first and then sew over them to secure. The extra step would prevent them from curling and moving and make them much easier to sew.
Step 5:
Using your diamond pattern, trace 3 diamonds (in between the fabric diamonds) side by side with a water soluble pen.
Step 6:
Pick out a fun color embroidery floss
spend 20 minutes trying to thread it through your sewing needle
(or is that just me?)
and stitch over the pattern you just drew.
Remove the pen pattern with some water and
Your finished!
Try it on your little boy (or girl) and
"Oooo" and "Ahhh" about how cute they are!
Then pat yourself on the back
because you just made a super cool shirt all by yourself!
renovar una remera o un pelele sin mucho esfuerzo
Materiales: - una hoja o cartulina blanca
- una lisa o un pelele
- un retazo de (con un color que combine)
- hilo para bordar
- alfileres
- aguja de coser y máquina de coser
- marcador soluble en agua
Paso a paso:

Dibuja en una cartulina una forma de diamante. Este será tu diseño modelo. Luego traza cuatro diamantes sobre la que has elegido para realizar los parches. Cortalos y colocalos en la remera sosteniéndolos con unos alfileres. Cocelos en su lugar.
Utilizando el pedazo de cartulina con el diseño traza 3 diamantes más con un marcador soluble en agua (debes trazarlos entre los diamantes de ). Elige un hilo de un color divertido y cose sobre el diseño que has dibujado. Quita con agua las marcas que habías dibujado

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